Imitation at its Finest


I’m going to be honest with you all. My time with Jesus has been pushed to the side for quite some time. I have never really been “good” at quiet time with God. I have always struggled with it.

I know how important daily conversation with God is. I know that a lot of my struggles and frustrations could simply be fixed by just talking to God . But yet, I still avoid it.

I know that the only thing that matters in this world is our salvation and the love that God poured onto us through His son’s sacrifice on the cross.

So today I decided to sit down and open my Bible. Something amazing happened, at least something amazing and wonderful to me. My son asked me what I was doing. I told him that mommy was talking to Jesus. I explained that we talk to Jesus by reading our bibles. I said this is how we communicate with Him since we can’t see Him or hear Him. I told him how important it is that we talk to God every single day.

What happened next is what made my heart smile. My little boy picked up his Jesus Storybook Bible and said to me “Mommy I want to talk to Jesus too.”

Kids imitate us. They watch our every moves and they copy what we do. Sometimes I’m not proud of what I do or say. Today I am thankful that I chose to sit down and open up my Bible. Not only did I get to talk to God and reconnect, although it was brief, but I got to share the importance of daily communication with our savior with my little boy.

We can’t save our children from sin, but we can model behavior that will set them up for a lifelong relationship with Jesus. That is all that matters in this world.

Today I chose Jesus. Today my day is better because of my communication with Him.


The Bench


The story of how we acquired this patio bench is pretty fantastic.

It was sitting on the side of the road with a big FREE sign on it. I saw it and thought it would be great to have since we could use more patio seating.

We were already running late for a dentist appointment…but this bench was FREE.

I decided to stop. I tried to fit it in our van about 5,000 different ways. None of those ways were successful.

So…I decided to do the only sensible thing that I could…I hoisted the beast up on top of our van. No, I didn’t have a way to fasten it to the van.

I decided to try my hand at the game of chance and started to drive home with the bench on top of the van… unfastened.

I figured we would be fine since the trip home was very short.

I was sorely mistaken…

We made it just out to the main road when the kids and I heard a scratching screeching noise, then silence, then a huge crack and smack.

Oops. Big mistake. The bench fell off the top of the van and shattered on the main road. Cars swerved, horns blared, and my kids cried. They wanted that bench apparently more than I did.

I couldn’t stop driving, since we were already late for the kids’ dentist appointments. So I kept driving, kids crying all the while.

I texted my then pregnant sister (who owns a truck) and asked her if she would kindly drive back to the scene of the crime and see if the bench was still salvageable.

Little did I know that my pregnant sister would then find said bench and would proceed to lift it up into her truck by herself. It’s a miracle she didn’t go into labor or hurt herself.

She brought that nuisance of a bench back to our house and we lifted it and set it on the side of our driveway. There it sat, untouched, for at least a month.

The bench was broken and bruised up pretty bad. It was missing pieces and cracked in tons of places. My dad told me that the best way to fix it would be to take an ax to it and throw it in the fire.

I wasn’t ready to give up just yet.

So there there the bench continued to sit. Weeks passed and finally we moved it to our backyard. There it sat again.

Finally, after who knows how long, my awesome husband tried his hand at mending the bench enough so we could sit on it without it falling apart.

He threw some screws in it and added an extra piece of wood. I picked up some cushions on clearance.

Here is the final result. It may not be the prettiest bench, but it does the job and has a funny story behind it.


No Rest for the Wicked


I lost my cool…again…

I feel like this happens way too many times. Much more than I would like to admit. I feel like a terrible mom. A terrible person.

I pray to be a better mom. I pray to be the mom that God intended for me to be…but then I lose my cool again. Time and time again.

I feel so angry. I feel so frustrated. Bitter. Exhausted. Stressed. When will this change? I never used to be “that” mom.

Maybe it’s the addition of a third little person, maybe it’s the added stress of not sleeping for practically 4 years straight, maybe it’s that my kids are at an age where they are starting to talk back, or maybe it’s something else entirely.

This time I was trying to get all of my kids ready for nap and rest time. Sadie went right to bed, Warren is playing quietly with blocks in his room, I thought Lorelei was sleeping. Then I heard her door open. She came out and walked downstairs. I took her back to her room, calmly. She did it again. Once again I took her back to her room without any feelings of frustration or anger. Then she came out 10 more times.

I started to feel the anger build. Nap time is my time. This is my one time during the day where I get to do whatever I want. It’s totally selfish, and I get that, but I need this time to take care of myself.

This next time that she came out I was on the phone with Warren’s doctor trying to get his 4K health paperwork figured out. Warren came out of his room and Lorelei and him started fighting. They were literally socking punches at each other in the hallway. This wouldn’t have happened if everyone was in their rooms like they were supposed to be.

The anger inside me grew.

I stormed up the stairs and grabbed Lorelei and put her, not so gently this time, back into her bed. I told her if she came out again she would get a spanking. I told Warren to go back to his room. Thankfully, he listened.

I sit down. Lorelei’s door opens again.

Now I’m fuming.

I run up the stairs two steps at a time and burst into Lorelei’s room. I tell her that she now gets a spanking. I don’t like to spank when I am angry, but I also don’t like to go back on my word. So I spank her. Not hard, but hard enough to get her attention. I place her back in bed, tell her that I love her, and give her a kiss.

I head back downstairs and nuke my now cold coffee for the 50th time. I sit back down. Her door opens again.

I take a deep breath. I am already frustrated with myself for losing my cool…again.

I head upstairs for the billionth time and take away Lorelei’s baby doll and pacifiers. She’s screaming. I don’t want her to wake the baby. I lock her door and hold her on her rocking chair and let her scream.

I stick her back in her bed and tell her that she needs to stay in her room. She keeps screaming. I decide to give her her pacifiers and baby doll back one last time to see if she will sleep.

It’s a miracle. It worked. She hasn’t come back out of her room.

I’m upset with myself once again for how I handled the situation. I know that we are all flawed, are prone to follow our sin nature, and that we aren’t perfect, but it still bothers me when I act this way.

I wish I was better. I will pray to be a better mom. Less angry. More calm. More patient. More kind.

But now the baby is awake. Nap time was a bust.

Here’s to some “me time” another day.

Easy Like Sunday Morning


It’s Sunday morning. We make an effort on Sundays to attend church. It’s important for us. It’s important for our spiritual growth and for our children to see that it is necessary in our lives.

Before children, we were faithful attenders of church every. single. Sunday. morning. Since having children, things have changed a bit.

Church looks different for us now. We have 3 kiddos (Warren 4, Lorelei 2, & Sadie 7 months). Warren is still leery of attending Sunday school. He has some separation anxiety issues, so we haven’t pushed this with him yet. We wanted to let him get used to 4K before we try to get him into Sunday school again. Lorelei is a little bit better and will likely go into the church nursery. Sadie is still little, so she just stays with us.

We were already running late (per the usual). Lorelei cried the entire way to church. I had to carry her into church kicking and screaming with Tom holding Warren and Sadie close behind me. We got a few looks on our way in. Some looks were along the lines of “oh I’m so sorry for you,” “I’ve been there too,” and “I’m laughing inside right now.” Other looks were more of “get yourself together,” and “can’t you control your kids?”.

Once we finally made it inside, I attempted to take Lorelei to the nursery. Her friend wasn’t there, so she refused to go in. I decided not to push it and just took her into church with me. We lasted all of 2 minutes before she said “I have to go potty.” I took her to the potty and we went back into church. She then tore her styrofoam coffee cup filled with water and proceeded to cry. We hadn’t even made it 10 minutes into service. Then Warren says he has to go potty. I tell him he can wait and he starts crying. Now Lorelei has to go potty again and both kids are crying.

I sigh and take them out into the foyer. They both forget that they have to go potty and run straight for the donut bar. I don’t let them have donuts because of their behavior in church. Tom (my husband) comes out with Sadie and I say to him “why do we even try?”

“Why do we even try?”

I find myself asking that question a lot.

The truth is, it would be easier to just stay home. Easier to not even try. Easier to simply exist.

But, we don’t want easy. We want a life filled with joy and laughter. We want our children to grow up knowing that they are loved by a wonderful and sovereign creator. We want them to know that amidst all of the chaos, God is still there.

This life is crazy. This life isn’t easy. So, we will choose to go to church (even if that means that we only get to stay for 5 minutes). We will choose to celebrate our children (even when they are kicking and screaming). We will choose joy (even when it is the last thing that we want do).

Thomas Rhett says it well…

“Ain’t it funny how life changes
You wake up ain’t nothing the same and life changes
You can’t stop it just hop on the train
You never know what’s gonna happen
You make your plans and you hear God laughing
Life changes (yes it does) and I wouldn’t change it for the world, the world, oh no
And I wouldn’t change it for the world, the world, oh no”

Also, why on earth did Lionel Richie sing the song with lyrics “easy like Sunday morning?” I think it’s more like “crazy like Sunday morning.”





Jesus. Savior. Alpha Omega. Beginning and End. The Great I Am.

As I start this new journey into sharing my joy of essential oils I want to make sure that I don’t lose touch with the only thing that matters in life. Jesus. His sacrifice on the cross. The cross. Salvation.

You are loved. You are forgiven. No matter what.

I added a cross to my diffuser bracelet to give me a constant reminder of what is important.

I feel that I have been led to share my story and share essential oils. I am constantly reminded that I need to be praying over my business and that I need to speak joy and life into others.

Without Jesus I will fail. I will fail at more than just a business. I need Jesus.

I’ve been feeling especially angry with myself lately and how I have been responding to my kids and my husband. I am flawed. I told that to my precious little girl today when I got mad at her for purposefully wiping her freshly painted nails on the table. Nails that I worked so hard to make look perfect.

I saw my little girl’s face sink when I blew up at her. Over absolutely nothing that mattered. Where does this anger come from? Exhaustion, fatigue, a loss of a sense of self worth? Sin. Sin nature. What we are born with. What Jesus came to save us from.

I pray every single day that I can be a better mom. That I can lead with love, kindness, and patience. That I can be slow to anger and have a servant’s heart. I pray that my children will know Jesus. That they will know how much their mommy and daddy love them. Even when we fail.

Because fail we will. We are not perfect. Without Christ we are nothing. We are sinners. We are flawed. We will continue to make mistakes.

All we can do is pray. Pray for our salvation. Pray for our children’s salvation. Pray that the Lord will come soon and rescue us from this Earth and our sin.

Pray. Hope. Pray.

Jesus is Lord. All of you is more than enough.


It’s Too Expensive


It’s just too expensive. I just can’t afford it right now. I don’t have room for it in my budget.

I’ve heard all of these phrases and more too many times. The honest to goodness truth is that it’s too expensive not to invest in essential oils.

What do I mean by this bold statement? When you purchase pure, perfectly distilled, seed to seal promise essential oils, you are making an investment for the health of yourself and your family.


Each essential oil and essential oil product that you use is one less nasty chemical that you are allowing into your home. It is one more step towards increasing your health and wellness.

Do me a favor. Take a peak in 3 of your cupboards at home. Read the ingredients on the back of your cleaning products and other household products. Check out your food products as well  Do you know what each of those ingredients are? Can you even pronounce half of the ingredients? Here’s a great rule of thumb…if you can’t pronounce, don’t use it and certainly don’t put it in your body.

You have choices every single day. Choices to choose what products you allow into your home. You can take action to reduce your chemical exposure and increase your overall wellness. You can replace almost every single cleaning product in your home with one bottle of thieves cleaner. ONE bottle to replace dozens of bottles of chemical yuck. Chemical yuck that is laden with ingredients you can’t even pronounce. ONE bottle that is suprisingly cost-effective. A bottle of thieves cleaner only costs $22.50 wholesale. You can create numerous spray bottles of cleaner with that one bottle. It comes down to about $1.50/cleaning product. That is less than most chemical packed products at the store.

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health studied products in our homes and found 884 toxic ingredients. 884 toxic ingredients known to cause biological mutations, reproductive problems, cancer, and tumors. (Harnisch)


That’s just scary information right there. This, my friends, is exactly why it’s too expensive not to invest in oils!

Also, you need to take a look at the cost of oils. They may seem pricey, but the amazing thing is that each bottle of oil will give you between 90-240 drops, depending on size.

Let’s break this down further. Each oil costs around $10-$30 per bottle. Each bottle gives you 90-240 drops. An application, or serving size, is 1 to 3 drops. You can get up to 240 applications per bottle. That is more than you would get out of most over the counter medications that can cost just as much, or more, than a bottle of rigorously tested, pure oil.

If you buy the cheap bottle of oil at the store, you aren’t guaranteed that it is what it says it is. It may or may not work. If you spend your money on less than perfect oils that aren’t correctly made, properly distilled, or lack the seed to seal promise, you are just throwing away your money. You can trust that you will get what you are supposed to get with Young Living products.

I trust these products. I use these products every single day. I trust these products to be safe for my babies to use. I want to eliminate the chemical yuck from my home that is likely making my family sicker.

You are the gatekeeper for your home (Harnisch). You choose what comes in and goes out. Make good choices. Protect your family. Make an investment that will pay for itself time and time again.

Next time you say that it is too expensive to buy essential oils, take a second to think how expensive for your health it is not to buy oils.


Purchase your starter kit here and make the change to a chemical free life today!


Harnisch, S. (2018). Gameplan.

Sadie Brielle’s Birth Story


This is the story of how Sadie Brielle came into this world. I tried to be very detailed so that I wouldn’t forget a thing about her entrance. This is a story of birth, so there are some mentions of blood, cervical dilation, and other medical words. Please be advised. 😉


I had been having some mild contractions and cramping on and off for weeks prior to Sadie’s birth. I woke up Thursday morning February 8th, 2018 and felt extra crampy. I started having some early signs of labor like more frequent cramps and Braxton-hicks contractions, along with some blood-tinged discharge. I started drinking raspberry leaf tea (pure raspberry leaf tea is recommended in the second trimester and on to prep your uterus for labor. It is said to strengthen your uterus and make contractions stronger and more effective when labor starts) around 37 weeks, which I think helped get my body primed for labor. I also rush-shipped some clary sage (another tool that helps prepare your body for labor. It’s also great for other menstrual ailments. Let me know if you’re interested in learning more about essential oils!) essential oil that arrived on Wednesday. When I began to see early signs of labor I started rubbing clary sage oil all over my belly and on the bottom of my feet. I also poured a few drops in the shower that morning. I let Tom know what was going on, but I told him that it could still be a few days to a few weeks before active labor started.

I didn’t just want to sit around all day, so I loaded up the kids and went over to my dear friend Ashley’s house. Ashely and I chatted while the kids played and then the kids and I picked up Culvers for a special treat for lunch. Warren refused to take a nap (he’s been napping inconsistently for weeks, so this was no surprise), so I was unable to get any rest during the day. I spent some time playing with the kids, snuggling them, and bouncing on a yoga ball. Tom got home around 5:00 PM and made some BLT’s for dinner. I took a bath with some Epsom salt and lavender essential oil. Of course, both kiddos climbed right in with me, so the bath wasn’t very relaxing. I was also having some intense sciatic nerve pain that kept making me kick my right leg out while in the tub. We got the kids to bed around 7:00 PM and I made some banana milkshakes for me and Tom. We enjoyed those while we watched Neftlix.

I was feeling extra tired and a bit off/uneasy, so we decided to get ready for bed around 9:30 PM. We both got into bed and I tried to get comfortable. I was lying on my left side trying to relax on my pregnancy pillow when I heard/felt a loud pop. It actually seemed like the baby had punched a hole right through my uterus. It was so weird. I sat for a minute and then thought I better try and go to the bathroom. I got out of bed and started to feel like I was going to start peeing. I just barely made it to toilet when my water broke, right around 10 PM. It was a ton of fluid and it just kept coming out. My water has never broken like this on it’s own before. I have only had high leaks with my other pregnancies. I called out of the bathroom to Tom asking him if he could hear that. He said he could and I told him that it was not pee he was hearing. I just sat there for awhile letting it come out when the real contractions started fast and strong.

We called my mom to watch the kids. Of course she didn’t answer her phone (she was having problems with it and it never even rang on her end) so we had to call my dad. He picked up and we told my parents what was going on. My mom came over and we packed our things for the hospital. It was a bit crazy since I hadn’t packed yet. I figured I would pack after my upcoming 38 week appointment that was scheduled for Friday at 9:00 AM with Dr. Weiss. I wanted to know if I was dilated at all before I worried about packing. I like to pack while in early labor to give myself something to do.

I called the hospital to let them know we would be in within an hour. I planned to labor at home for as long as possible, but with this being my third baby, my water never having broken on it’s own before, and how fast and strong the contractions were, Tom convinced me that we should get to the hospital sooner rather than later, just in case. The car ride to the hospital was fun since I was contracting so frequently.

When we got to the hospital, the security guard took us right up to our room, room 304, the same room that I delivered Lorelei in 2 years ago. I refused the wheelchair of course because sitting down made my contractions worse at that point. I kind of half laughed to myself while the security guard was taking us up to our room because he was walking so fast that I could barely keep up. I think he was nervous that I was going to deliver in the elevator or something.

When we got to our room we got settled in and hooked up to the fetal heartrate and contraction monitor. It was around 10:45 PM. My contractions were still coming on strong and consistent about every 2-5 minutes. I didn’t want to get in bed because that made the contractions worse. I was doing a good job breathing through the contractions and tolerating them at this point. Tiffany, one of the nurses, tried to check my dilation but was unable to determine how far dilated I was since the baby appeared to be high in my pelvis at this point. I was kind of discouraged, but I tried to stay positive. Tom did a great job helping me stay positive.

I asked to wait to have an IV placed until the doctor could assess me. Tom and I both just kept praying that I was dilated and progressing well. I wanted to be at least 4-5 cm and considered in active labor before I got to the hospital, so we were praying for that. I wanted to have a natural delivery without medication or intervention, so the further dilated I could be the better. Dr. Vo-Hill finally got to our room around 1:30 AM and determined that I was dilated to 6 cm (woo hoo!), about 80% effaced (the thinning of the cervix), and baby was in a -3 station (babies typically need to be at a 0 station or more to start pushing effectively). I said “thank you Jesus!” because we were so happy that God had answered our prayers.

Tiffany worked on getting my IV placed. It only took 2 pokes, which was nice. The doctor, nurse, and Tom and myself figured that I would probably progress relatively quickly, considering how strong and frequent contractions were. I spent some time doing squats, walking around the room, and trying different positions on the bed. I did try sitting on the hospital birthing ball, but baby’s heartrate increased when I did that, so I decided to stay away from the ball just in case. I continued to rub clary sage oil on my belly and feet and tried to take small sips of water. I was worried about getting nauseous and vomiting, so I didn’t want to eat or drink much.

Contractions continued to get stronger and more frequent and I was really feeling them in my back. This most likely meant that baby was facing with her face up instead of down. Ideally, babies should be face down, or occiput anterior, when they are delivered. Dr. Vo-Hill checked me again around 4:00 AM and determined that I was 8 cm dilated. I was hoping to be further progressed by that point, so I was a bit disappointed.

I kept getting more uncomfortable and needed to make noises and hum during my contractions from that point on. Around 5:00 AM I was pretty certain I was completely dilated with how I was feeling and how uncomfortable contractions were. Dr. Vo-Hill checked me and determined that I was still only 8 cm. I was very discouraged and exhausted at that point. I didn’t know how much more I could take. Dr. Vo-Hill tried to manually dilate my cervix a bit more and got gowned and gloved up to delivery the baby. She thought I might be able to push through the last lip of my cervix causing me to completely dilate. Unfortunately, it was too uncomfortable for me to handle.

I broke down at that point and just started crying. I was spent and didn’t know how much more I could take. Dr. Vo-Hill suggested trying some narcotic IV pain relief medication. I didn’t want to take any of that because it can cause you to feel completely out of it, or even worse, nauseated. The choice now was to decide if I could manage on my own or if I wanted to go with an epidural. I ended up deciding on the epidural, even though I was disappointed and upset with myself for deciding to get one. Like I said before, I really wanted a completely natural and medication free delivery.

It was around 5:30 AM that the nurses called for the epidural. I was having a hard time at this point. Lot’s of crying and difficulty managing contractions. I kept asking how long it would be before anesthesia would arrive and do my epidural. I started to get frustrated that they were taking so long and cried to Tom to just take the pain away and make it stop. Up until this point, I had avoided the use of the word “pain.” I had read that it was better to look at contractions as intense or as rushes instead of pain. I broke down and started using “pain” since I was going to get an epidural. It was no longer important to me to try to manage them on my own.

Anesthesia finally arrived almost 45 minutes after the nurses had called. I got in bed and tried to remain calm and still for the epidural placement. This is no easy task when you are contracting every 2-3 minutes and can no longer tolerate the contractions when sitting still. The certified nurse anesthetist got the epidural in relatively easily and gave me a test dose of medication. If the epidural catheter is placed in the wrong spot it can cause some symptoms like ringing in the ears, a racing heart, or a funny taste in your mouth. I started to get a crazy racing heart and the CRNA said that she saw blood in the catheter and had hit an epidural vein. She would need to start over.

After that incident things did not get any better. She had a very difficult time placing the epidural. She had to numb me 2 or 3 more times with lidocaine and had to keep re-poking me with the epidural needle in different places. We think she poked me around 5 or 6 times with the epidural needle. She finally got it in and I started to feel some relief on my left side. With epidurals there is never any guarantee that they will work or that they will work well on both sides. I was definitely nervous that the epidural wasn’t going to work on both sides with how my legs were feeling.

My left leg quickly went completely numb, while my right leg remained to have some feeling. I was fairly comfortable so I told Tom to try and get some rest. At this point it was around 8:00 AM so I decided to call and see if my sisters wanted to come for the delivery. Both of my sisters were able to come. Dr. Weiss took over for Dr. Vo-Hill and Julie took over for Tiffany as our nurse. Julie was Lorelei’s delivery nurse as well. I joked to Dr. Weiss that I would have to cancel my appointment with him at 9:00 AM.

I started to get anxious about my leg. I just couldn’t stop focusing on how numb it was and how I couldn’t move it. It made me anxious. That’s right around the time that I started to feel contractions in my back on my right side again. Tom woke up from his nap and Dr. Weiss came back in to see how I was progressing. He determined that baby was occiput posterior (or sunnyside up with her face facing up instead of down). He said that baby would need to turn before I would deliver her.

I began to feel a lot of pressure and was feeling every contraction on my right side. That was the side that baby was pushing on more and the side that my cervix still needed to dilate on. At the end of delivery we determined that I was stuck at 8 cm for around 7 hours. That is just insane to me.

I broke down and was crying again. I was just so fed up with how long things were taking and how uncomfortable I was. I gave myself a bolus dose of the epidural medication. Finally, it was time to start pushing. My sister Lauren asked me if she could catch the baby half-joking. I said I would ask Dr. Weiss and we would see what he said. He told her that she could certainly catch the baby and he seemed excited that she asked.

Lauren got to put on a gown and gloves and sit on the stool to prepare to catch the baby. Dr. Weiss instructed her the entire time. Julie held my “dead” numb leg and Tom helped support my other leg. Annie decided to take pictures since she didn’t want to be at the foot of my bed. She didn’t want to see anything since she witnessed Lorelei’s birth, which was rather traumatic due to the complication of shoulder dystocia.

Julie stared a small drip of Pitocin to help my uterus with pushing since I had a history of shoulder dystocia with Lorelei’s birth. I pushed for maybe 15 minutes. 3 rounds of 3 pushes and our baby was born. I yelled out that we had a girl. I was honestly shocked. I was certain we were having a boy. I think Tom was shocked too. We could tell that she was a big baby.

She didn’t want to cry right away and was a bit blue. I stimulated the top of her head and her feet to try and get her to cry, but it didn’t help. The nurses took her to get a little bit of oxygen and she started perking up. They weighed her and found that she weighed 8#10 oz and measured 20 inches long. She was our biggest baby yet.


I did have a small tear, but it wasn’t as bad as the tearing I had with my other babies, surprisingly. I got a few stitches while I waited to hold my new princess.

They brought her over to me and she was able to nurse on her own really well. She is definitely my best nurser of all of our babies by far. It took us a long time to come up with her name. We had a few girl names picked out, but we both were so sure we were going to have a boy that we didn’t really focus on girls’ names. Tom liked the name Elodie (one of the names that I had put on the list). He was really pushing for Elodie, but I decided that I didn’t want that name because I didn’t want it to be shortened to Ellie. We know so many babies who have some form of the name Ellie. Even our neighbor’s daughter is named Ellie. It’s a beautiful name, but it is too popular for me. I wanted the name Agnes. There’s a story behind that name that I will have to share some time. Tom wasn’t a fan of that either. He said he would do Elodie Agnes, but not Agnes as a first name.

I then remembered that I had randomly thought of the name Sadie a few weeks ago. We looked up what it means and found out that it is a form of the name Sarah and it means princess. We agreed on that name. It took me a little bit to make it official since I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t a trending name or in the top 50 names. I don’t like really popular names. I didn’t want her to have a name that a handful of other girls in her class someday would also have.

My sister Annie was with us at this point and she was reading off names as well. We still needed to figure out a middle name. I was pushing for Agnes, but both Tom and Annie said that Sadie Agnes didn’t flow well. Annie was pushing for Ainslee, since it’s close to Annie. Eventually we settled on Brielle (one of the names that was originally on our list).

This is how we came to meet our newest little girl, Sadie Brielle, on Friday February 9th, 2018 after 13.5 hours of active labor, weighing 8#10oz and measuring 20 inches long. This was my roughest and most exhausting labor yet. I have a feeling our little girl is going to be a strong and beautiful soul who is full of spunk, determination, and courage. Welcome to the world Sadie B. We love you and we still can’t believe you are ours, let alone a girl. Thank you God for this precious and perfect gift.