Imagine Every Baby in Cloth


As most of you already know, I have made the switch to cloth diapers. Not only are cloth diapers great for your baby and the environment, they are also absolutely adorable, easy to use, and will save you a ton of money! In order to fund my new cloth diaper addiction and spread awareness about the awesomeness of cloth, I have become a consultant for Imagine brand diapers! If you are interested in learning about cloth diapers, how you can get started, or you want to purchase your own stash, please contact me and I can help you get started. You can also use the link below to purchase diapers through me!

Please use this link to purchase diapers:


Imagine has great diapering options for super affordable prices. They offer diaper covers in various colors: indigo, marigold, snow, raspberry, flutter (butterflies), emerald, rawr (dinosaur) and trumpet (elephant). You can purchase covers on sale for $8.95 right now. Other options are All in ones (AIOs), All in twos (AI2s), pockets, and fitteds. Every option is very affordable. Please see my last post on cloth diapers for a break down of the different types of cloth diapers, or email me at for more information on the different types of cloth diapers. 🙂


One thought on “Imagine Every Baby in Cloth

  1. Lisa Crockett

    I have to say that when Alex and Tom decided to go with cloth, her dad and I were skeptical. We had grown up with cloth – a not to pleasant experience. And, we used disposables for all our children. We thought these were the best. However, we are not only surprised with but actually now prefer cloth. Cloth are easy to use and care for. They are not only healthier for our environment, but our grandson’s bottom is so much softer and healthier. As a grandmother, they are actually easy to use (surprisingly). And, an added bonus – he is super cute in them. We are converted fans!

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