Why I Chose My Family Over My Career


Today I made the decision to put my family, and my dear son, before my career. This decision wasn’t hard for me, but at the same time, it also wasn’t something that I could just brush off.

To give a little background on my situation, I have been going to college for just around 7 years. I have a degree in Health Care Administration with a business minor and I am finishing up my degree in Nursing. I have wanted to be a nurse for as long as I can remember. I feel like nursing is something that I am being called to do.

I took a semester off of nursing school so that I could deliver my son and spend the first few months of his life devoted to him. I made the incredibly difficult decision to go back to school this fall. I have 3 semesters left in the nursing program, and I know that I need to finish. I am so close, I cannot simply give up now. At the same time, I do not want to miss any moments with my son or future children.

Since I am finishing up my degree, I thought that it would be a good idea to put some feelers out and see what the job market looks like. I applied for a job as a Health Unit Coordinator/CNA at the hospital in my town. The position is on the OB floor. My dream job is to be a labor and delivery nurse, so I knew that I had to apply for the position.

Before I applied for this position, my husband and I had decided that I would stay home, raise our children, and not go back to work until all of our kids were in school. I didn’t think I would hear anything back about the position because OB jobs are difficult to get. Surprisingly, I did hear back and I got a phone interview. One hour after the phone interview, they called me back and wanted to set up an in-person interview with the hiring director. I accepted the interview.

I spent the rest of the night feeling completely lost and torn. This job would be a great opportunity to get my foot in the door and gain experience working in OB. The job would also mean that I would need to be away from my son 3 extra days a week, on top of school. My heart was so heavy at the thought of being away from my son more than I needed to be.

I believe that I have been called to be a nurse, but above all, I have been called to be a wife and a mother. I am the one who is supposed to raise my children and be their main caretaker. I am the one who is supposed to be there for them when they are sick and need extra snuggles. I want to be there when they take their first steps. I want to teach them everything that I know about life and the Lord and Savior. It is my responsibility to nurture and protect my children. I am a mom, and to me that is so much more than just a title.

I know that it will not always be easy to be a stay at home mom, but I know that I am making the right decision. I will always put my family before my career, even if that means giving up an opportunity to pursue my dream job. No job is worth more than being present in my son’s, and future children’s, lives.



3 thoughts on “Why I Chose My Family Over My Career

  1. Lisa

    As a mom, ok – your mom, I agree 100% if you and your husband make the decision together, then you stand proud! Warren will grow up so fast. And, he needs the amazing mom that you are.

  2. There will be other job opportunities but there may not be other opportunities to make up the time lost with your son. I’m so proud of you for the woman you are becoming ❤ 🙂 -Catrina

  3. I had to work after my son was 3 months old and I look back and think there are so many small things that I missed… If you are able be a stay at home mom embrace it with open arms. Before you blink he will be in school and then your dream job will be waiting for you 🙂

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